Presidents word

Once again, the CNO creates the buzz!

Focusing on the science with clinical applications in daily practice, is what the CNO is all about. The theme for this 2020 annual meeting will be TMDs, but from an original and new point of view. Prestigious international lecturers accepted our invitation to talk over this innovative topic, from TMD prevention to patient’s adaptation.

How can prevention be approached? What are the current international recommendations about TMD? How to screen and classify patients for TMD development risk? Are TMD occlusion-related? What role does neuroplasticity play? What are the preventive recommendations in the orthodontic field? Which factors are associated with TMD? What roles do the patient’s lifestyle, and the postural control play? What are TMD prognoses? What are the non-invasive treatment’s recommendations? What does the relationship between the patient and the practitioner lie upon? What are the validated physiotherapy exercises?

Several round-table discussions will be organized to reach consensus. The closing round-table discussion will be hosted by Antoon de Laat.

This undoubtedly will be one of the highlights of year 2020. See you in March 2020 in the beautiful city of Arras!

Paul Saulue, President of the Scientific Committee CNO 2020